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Completion of environmental protection acceptance information publicity I

According to the Interim Measures for the Acceptance of Environmental Protection for the Completion of Construction Projects, the Technical Transformation Project of the Engineering Technology Center and the acceptance opinions are hereby publicized as follows:

Project Name: Technical Renovation Project of Engineering Technology Center

Construction unit: Nanjing Xiezhong Automobile Air Conditioning Group Co., Ltd.

Construction site: 389 Kening Road, Jiangning High-tech Park, Nanjing

Contact: Ms. Zhou

Contact number: 66608666

Publicity content: acceptance monitoring report and acceptance team opinions, see annex for details

Publicity time: May 8, 2018-June 7, 2018

During the publicity period, if you have any objection to the above publicity content, please give feedback in writing or email. The individual must sign his real name, the unit must affix the official seal, and leave a phone number.

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