There are several air-conditioned cars in the car?

Date:Oct 31,2016
Airplanes used in the car can be divided into two kinds, one is parking air conditioning, the other is the traffic air conditioning. Driving air conditioning is the car when the engine starts, the original car with air conditioning, that is, when the vehicle in the driving process required to use the air conditioning. When the car is in the parking conditions, please remember that you can not use a long time driving air conditioning, to avoid the car will appear excessive concentration of carbon monoxide caused by poisoning situation. In addition, when the car in the case of idle, the air conditioner can only effect is not very good. Under normal circumstances, five meters of the car is equipped with air conditioning is in the four thousand to five thousand kcal, if the length of between five meters to six meters of the dwelling, in the car is connected to the cab of the situation, the original Depots are generally equipped with rear air conditioning evaporator. Its cooling effect can reach between eight thousand to 10,000 kcal between the side can be enough to protect the vehicle within the air conditioning cooling effect.

Air conditioning is the installation of the car in the parking time to use the car air conditioning, the general parking air conditioning are installed on the roof, air conditioning is also outside the car outside the car, the machine is in the roof, parking Custom air conditioning is to increase the height of twenty to thirty centimeters to the lodge. But some manufacturers will parking the air conditioning unit in the seat below, so that do not need to change the appearance of the vehicle, but also more suitable for those who need to modify the car friends. Travel car parking air conditioning is divided into a single system of cold air conditioning is a cold air conditioning, generally in the car is higher than the five meters of the vehicles are used in the cold air conditioning.

Some friends want to know our home inverter air can not be used in the car, promised is not possible. Because the home to the air-conditioning design are fixed, because the car in the process of driving has been moving and bumps, and home inverter air conditioner designed by the seismic level simply can not reach the driving requirements, if forced Sexual use, after a period of time, the air conditioning parts will be early in the process of the emergence of deformation and loose cleaning.

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