Advanced Technique

High-efficiency Heat Exchanger
Our company has the capacity of developing high-efficiency heat exchangers, R&D technologies of high-efficiency heat exchangers, patented technologies of high-performance parallel flow evaporators as well as patented technologies of low-internal-resistance parallel flow condensers.

Light-weight Technology
Due to the adoption of multi-view product weight deep-excavation methods, new processes and new materials, our company has set about finished automobiles, systems, parts, materials and many other aspects together with customers, to realize light weight.

New Energy Technologies
We have an independent professional R&D team devoted to R&D of thermal management, electric systems and air-conditioning systems for new energy automobiles; we have made breakthrough progresses in R&D of heat pump air-conditioning systems.

Air Purification Technologies
In the design philosophy of taking “create the most environmental automobile air conditioners” as our own duty, our company develops products, and has air quality analysis and detection technologies for finished automobiles, as well as many air purification solutions to bring clear in-vehicle air to customers.

With advanced design tool software, we can solve the problems of 2D/3D_CAD design, finished automobile/system performance matching simulation, CFD analysis in the bare state of air-conditioning cabinets and the process of carrying finished automobiles, strength and modal analysis of all the parts, motion analog simulation of moving parts, internal flow passage calculation and analysis of heat exchangers and so on, to meet all the requirements of automobile air conditioners on the integral forward R&D and design.

Our experimental center is distributed on the first and second floors of R&D building, and covers the total area of 6,000m2, which was rated as National Recognized Testing Laboratory (CNAS3890) by National Committee on Conformity Assessment in 2009.

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