Air Conditioning System

As a first-grade supporting leading enterprise of automobile air-conditioning systems in China Xiezhong has gradually improved the brand recognition by applying technologies and experience accumulated by years into products and services. We have developed an air conditioning system for all segments of the market, including new energy vehicles, passenger cars, suvs, MPV, medium heavy trucks, and buses.Passenger car air conditioning systemCommercial vehicle air conditioning systemSUV air conditioning systemMPV air conditioning system

Front Cooling Module

Front-end cooling modules are products taking condensers and engine cooling systems (such as radiators, intercoolers, oil coolers, cooling fans, etc.) of air-conditioning systems as a whole modular design. As one of major products from Xiezhong, front-end cooling modules of Xiezhong feature miniaturization and high efficiency, with light-weight technologies applied. The modular design structure has better simplified assembly processes for automobile factories. 

New Energy

Xiezhong has developed products related to new energy automobiles, such as HVAC modules for electric automobile air-conditioning systems, cooling modules (condensers, low-temperature radiators) for hybrid vehicles, battery coolers for pure-electric vehicle battery cooling systems, which have won the confirmation and trust of numerous customers by light weight, miniaturization, high performance and other properties.HVAC moduleIndoor heat exchangerPTC heater   Outdoor heat exchangerLow temperature radiatorBattery cooler   Black boxElectronic water pumpElectric compressor

Electronic Control

With the development tendency of automobile electrification, Xiezhong has an independent professional R&D team devoted to product R&D of control units, and meets individual requirements of customers by serialized and modular technologies.Black boxAutomatic controller

Air Purification System

In the design philosophy of taking “create the most environmental automobile air conditioners” as our own duty, our company develops products, and has air quality analysis and detection technologies for finished automobiles, as well as many air purification solutions to bring clear in-vehicle air to customers.Removable vehicle air purification systemCan be customized car air purification system

Core Components

Due to the adoption of standardized and platform standards as well as the application of many advanced technologies to the development of core parts, Xiezhong products can achieve the objectives of high efficiency, light weight and minimization in parts and systems, thus supplying products with more cost-effective to customers.Multi - zone HVACSingle zone HVACOverhead air conditioningEvaporator   Warm coreHigh performance condenserCompressorCoaxial piping   PipingAutomatic controllerManual control panelFront cooling module   CondenserHeat sinkOil coolerIntercooler